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6 Ways To Give Your Business A Boost If You’re Going Through A Rough Patch

Is your business struggling in current economic times? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get things moving again. Check out these six methods for giving your business a boost if you’re going through a rough patch: 

6 Ways To Give Your Business A Boost If You’re Going Through A Rough Patch

1. Remind Corporate Clients Of Your Value

Don’t be afraid to reach out to corporate clients and remind them that you still exist and that you have some fantastic offers for them. Rather than simply reaching out with an update, add a little sweetener in the form of branded promotional products that show how much you value them. It’s important to make sure the gifts are useful. That way, as soon as they can do business, they will see the gift and think to call you right away. 

2. Show Your Human Side

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic showed how important it was for even the biggest brands to show their human side. Lost and scared as we were, we all needed to feel seen and heard, understood and supported by businesses able to keep going in such challenging times. Even without the pandemic, you have to get customers to trust you if you want them to spend their money with you. You can boost your sales by showing the human side to your business, especially if the campaign looks and feels authentic. 

3. Have Something To Say On Social Media

Cereal brand Weetabix posted a viral advert suggesting you put baked beans on their cereal rather than toast (as is traditional in Britain). The target market was British people, and boy did it work. A wave of customers and businesses responded to the Tweet, and Weetabix have seen a 15% rise in sales in one supermarket alone as a result of the campaign. Take note as there’s sure to be a way to boost your own sales with the right campaign. 

Using Social Media More Powerfully

4. Get The Edge On The Competition

Your competitors’ customers are in the market for everything you offer. The only problem is they are getting it from your competitor. Who’s to say you can’t grab those customers? 

How are your competitors getting new customers? What marketing are they doing? What kind of marketing aren’t they doing? Become an expert in (ethically) poaching your competitors’ customers, and you’ll see a quick boost in sales. 

 5. Boost Customer Experience

Customer experience is so important, and statistics show that focusing on it could drive revenue up to 8% more than other businesses in your sector. A massive 84% of companies that look to improve their customer experience see an increase in sales, so it’s worth a try if your business is having a tough time. Look at all areas of your customer experience, including:

Improving Customer Experience For The Future

6. Innovate

So many businesses have not only survived but also grown during the pandemic, and the secret ingredient to their success is innovation. Are you stuck in the past? Is your way of delivering your product clunky and behind the times? Are you truly thinking outside the box when it comes to the way you do business? Innovate, review, create, and adapt. This is the best way to problem-solve, grow, and expand in a fragile worldwide economy. 

“No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle

The tips above can help you give your business a boost when things aren’t going as swimmingly as you would like. You can overcome challenges to succeed, grow, and thrive, creating a better future for your business in the coming months. 

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