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Confidence On The Inside As Well As Out

Confidence on the inside and out.

There are plenty of tips to enhance your confidence and make you feel and look equally as amazing. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling.

How to feel good? A question many women in today’s world ask themselves. We live in a world where our looks are driven by society and how people tell us we should look. How about if we forget this and focus on what we want to change about ourselves, not what society says we should. Every single woman has many beautiful qualities, whether it’s their strength, their motherhood, the work they do in their career, it’s all more than valid. So what can enhance that? Well, there are plenty of tips that can enhance that confidence and make you feel and look equally as amazing. Want to hear more? Here are some initial tips to get the ball rolling for those busy ladies of the world! 

The Habits of Truly Happy Moms

Cut: The matte makeup

Replace matte lipsticks with shiny lip gloss to make your face look brighter. Higher brightness, eyes, and lips that stand out have been found to make others perceive you as more capable, according to a study conducted on behalf of Proctor & Gamble in 2011. This does not mean that you should not wear matte lip color in the office, just that in some very special meetings you might have preferred something brighter.

Cut: The nights out

If you like to start your day early you are lucky. According to biologist Christoph Randler, who surveyed 367 college students, those who get up early in the morning have “greater professional success.” In his study, Randler found that morning guys tend to be more dynamic and predict situations, a trait associated with better job performance, career success and higher pay.

Start: Applying lipstick

Women who wear lipstick feel more confident. But the issue is not limited to this: In a study funded by Covergirl and conducted by Harvard researchers, women who wear lipstick four or more days a week are considered by others to be more confident about themselves. Unlike their colleagues who only wear lip balm, lipstick fans were more likely to have leadership positions in their work and more than double the number of followers on social media.

Confidence On The Inside As Well As Out

Start: Getting up as soon as the alarm goes off – straight away! 

We’ve said it before: Women who spend more time limiting themselves earn more money. Although the study did not specify the time, logically if you see it, if you get out of bed late in the morning you have less time for makeup and hair. So where do we end up?

Cut: Neutral colors

Instead of nude lips and neutral shadows, experiment with an impressive -but in the office- makeup. A study funded by Proctor & Gamble in 2011 found that women who wore intense makeup were considered more competitive than their colleagues with the unpainted look. A low-key cat eye and / or a red lipstick dramatically changes our appearance and -obviously- the way we “sell” ourselves.

Start: Get a new hairstyle?

The way your hair looks can change the look and feel of your image. It can also affect your confidence. Find out what suits you best, for example, chin length hairstyles may look really good for someone with a rounder face. As soon as you get to know the style for you, it will be time to start adapting it to your everyday look. 

Feeling Your Best Self Starts With You

Getting confident on the inside

A key component of healthy self-confidence and at the same time a deep human need is the need for self-expression but also for effective communication with those around us. Indeed, one of the issues and difficulties that people with low self-esteem convey to us is the difficulty of expressing feelings, needs, preferences, and opinions in a way that satisfies them and does not offend those around them and to delimit themselves, that is, to make decisions about their own life. In many cases, these difficulties translate into either a passive attitude (an attitude that in the long run undermines the feeling of self-worth and self-esteem), or in other cases an aggressive attitude, which creates problems in relation to others as their rights are violated. Assertive behavior enhances our self-confidence and improves the quality of our daily lives resulting in a more meaningful relationship with others and the environment.

But what does healthy self-confidence mean and how can we gain it?

Having confidence means recognizing your uniqueness (inner and outer beauty), expressing your needs and feelings without being accountable and without comparing yourself to anyone. It means giving value to yourself regardless of any of your achievements and the sense of this value is not determined and does not depend on the eyes of others, on their criticism or acceptance. Our self-confidence is nourished every time we express what we feel and what we think with respect to others, every time we do things that give us the feeling of satisfaction (I am capable) but also pleasure as every time we try again and insist on goals. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to:

Lack of self-confidence affects all aspects of our lives.

The choice of our partners, our love life, our working relationships, and even our health to a great extent and in various ways. We may feel insecure and have unwarranted social anxiety. Feeling inadequate for no reason and believing that we do not have the right communication skills. But all this leads to a vicious circle. Low self-esteem in social events usually leads to embarrassment due to exposure. Embarrassment creates in turn the feeling of inferiority and failure. Our attempt to succeed is blocked, with a high chance of stopping. The direction of our lives begins to blur and become blurred. Feelings of hopelessness, anger, and bitterness persist now, and the more we try to distance ourselves from them, the more they tend to multiply.

Dealing With Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Signs of low self-esteem

Lack of self-confidence usually makes us feel what is described below, without meaning that this is the reality:

How to improve our self-confidence

Self-confidence covers a range of emotions for specific situations in which we either feel confident about ourselves or not. We can observe this discrepancy while we have the desire to be confident in all areas of our lives, as much as we can. The improvement in confidence will have many benefits in different aspects of life too. As our ability to overcome adversity increases, we are able to reduce challenges in specific areas, and then over time, our overall mental health improves! The good news is that confidence is something that is built and shaped. So once we combat the inside, the outside comes too.  

Easy Ways To Boost Your Confidence This Fall

Once we learn to feel good on the inside, the outside comes too. Then it means that changing our fashion sense, our hairstyle and the way we do our makeup really enhances the inner confidence that we have worked hard to build up. For women, this is more than possible. Keep an image in your mind of how you want to look (and feel) and start to implement the law of attraction to keep your mind in the best headspace possible. 

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