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Get The Most From Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing has really taken off in recent years. Here’s some key advice to make sure you get the most from your content marketing campaign

Content marketing has really taken off in recent years. When you look at what it’s done for some businesses it isn’t hard to see why! If you are just getting your business off the ground and are throwing around marketing ideas, then content marketing should certainly be a part of it. To make sure you get the most from your content marketing campaigns here’s some key advice to bear in mind.

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Secure the Buy-In

Content marketing is much simpler than many budding entrepreneurs seem to think. You just have to create valuable and engaging content to bring customers that much closer to your product or service. Building enough trust and recognition with your customers will make them to want to do business with you. The issue here is knowing how to create valuable content. This will secure a buy-in from the kinds of people you’re targeting. While your content wouldn’t be valuable if we spelled it all out for you, one thing we can certainly recommend is knowing your customer. Come up with an ideal buyer persona and get to know this character better than your best friend. Find out what kind of questions they’re asking. Their queries can make up your first blog post titles. When you’re able to think and write like your customer, you’ll make your content instantly more valuable.

Assess Internal Resources

Your next step towards content marketing campaign success is running an appraisal of your company’s internal resources. Barring a few auxiliary services, like web design for small business, you’re probably going to be doing most of your content marketing work in-house. With this in mind, you need to think about who’s going to be directly involved, and how much time they can practically contribute to the campaign. At the very beginning, figure out how much work you can afford to draft in-house, and then assess your company’s needs to outsource. Your next priority should be thinking about management. Who’s going to see all the different aspects of the campaign? What resources can they bring to the table? Whether you assign one people or a few to this depends on the size and needs of your unique business. Just make sure that you have faith in their ability to hit the ground running, and deliver reports in plain English.

Get The Most From Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Develop a Content Mix

Working with the information you’ve been able to gather, you need to determine the types of content you’ll be creating and leveraging for the campaign. In the majority of cases, you’re not going to be restricted by a single type of content, and will need to work on developing an effective mix. Don’t be afraid to publish a wide variety of content types, emphasizing one or another depending on what your target market responds to. With every piece of content you publish, it’s essential to make sure you’re balancing education and entertainment. Your customers want to learn something from you, but they want to have fun in the process. Cushion the more serious and dreary pieces of content with fun, light ones. Unless you’re running a funeral directors, that is.

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