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6 Wonderful Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Business

With the world the way it is, there’s no better time to take action and make your company a more eco-friendly business…

With the world the way it is, there’s no better time to take action and make your company a more eco-friendly business. As well as doing your bit for the environment, this movement will massively improve your small business, by boosting your public image, increasing sales, and lowering operating costs. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs know where to start in their green mission. To help you out a little, here are six wonderful ways to create an eco-friendly business.

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Leave Your Car Behind

Cars are a major contributor to emissions, causing massive amounts of damage to the planet and ozone layer. For this reason, you should try leaving your car at home and seeking alternative transport. If you live close enough to the office, then walking or cycling is great exercise. You should also encourage employees to follow in your footsteps or at least carpool each day.


Work From Your Home

With today’s technology, it’s no longer necessary to go to work to get work done. With that in mind, you should consider ditching the rented workspace altogether and creating your own home office. This completely eliminates your morning commute and will also reduce your electricity use. Most also find telecommuting to be more productive, saving you money on wasted time.


Look To The Cloud

Printing hundreds of documents each day is expensive and damaging to the planet. Because of this, you should switch to storing all of your files on the cloud. You can also invest in a receipt processing API to scan cheques and bills. This means you won’t have to keep them and can recycle them instead. Both of these choices will also streamline business operations.


Sort Out Your Rubbish

As easy as it is to throw all of your rubbish in one bin, you should try dividing it up instead. You can have one bin for plastic, one for paper, and a separate one for general waste. This allows you to recycle your rubbish, which contributes less to landfills and improves your sustainability. Just make sure that all of your employees use the bins in the right way.


Watch What You Buy

Before you go ahead and buy your office supplies or grocery shopping, make sure that you take a good look at it first. Check that you’ve used sustainable suppliers, chosen food that is in season, and limited the amount of packaging as best as you can. You should also switch to green, non-toxic cleaning products or use natural alternatives, like lemon juice and vinegar.

6 Wonderful Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Business

Scare Away The Phantoms

Phantom electricity is energy wasted when a device isn’t actually being used. This might mean a light that has been left on or a computer switched to standby mode. Both of these technologies continue to use electricity, wasting your money and costing the environment. To improve energy efficiency, you should encourage everyone to turn things off properly when they’re not in use.


Creating a greener business can seem like a complicated task, but it’s usually much simpler than you imagine. Hopefully, with the advice above, you now know how you should start.


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