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Top Entertainment Apps To Keep You Busy

Working from home and lacking entertainment? Check out these entertainment apps to get rid of those pesky boredom moments.

If you’re working from home and at a bit of a loss for things to do, don’t worry there are a range of different entertainment apps that can help you pass the time. There are entertainment apps for shopping, sports, gaming, reading, and even gardening, so whatever your interests you can find something to keep you busy. Here are some examples. 



Depop is trending because it is a more sustainable option and many people are opting for vintage. You can buy and sell second-hand items to individuals and it’s very easy to use and cheap. There are many other products available of course, and not just clothing. You can also find a wide range of items in other categories like music, books, and jewelry. 


theScore gives you a very smart and up-to-date report of any games and fixtures. Free for both Android and IOS, this app is popular with tech nerds because of the detail in real-time. Game updates and statistics are sent every second and you can check the calendar available for future events. The games are broken down into play-by-play detail and users can follow individual players specifically, as well as teams. You can share the scores with your friends and followers on the app.  


If you love your plants but get a bit absent-minded sometimes then this app is the one for you. Smartplant has an extensive library of information about different species of plants. You can enter your plants into a database that creates a plant diary for you. You follow the calendar and notifications in order to know when to water each plant for example. If you want to pay for a monthly $3.99 subscription you can also take part in a live chat with experts. 


This is Google’s main new gaming app and it works by streaming games online. This is perfect if you’re into video games because you can play them anywhere on your phone. Stadia allows AAA, console and PC games to be transferred to any device without using any hardware. Google does all the work for you and streams the game off the internet. Stadia also has a range of accessibility options so if you’re hard of hearing, for example, you can learn more about what you can do with a hearing aid. 

Top Entertainment Apps To Keep You Busy


Unrd is a new app that is quite unique. It’s quite similar to a game in some respects and is based around characters and a story. In a sense you get to live as a different person, you become a character and enter into their life. There is even a fake phone interface on-screen which belongs to your character. A story is then unraveled and they are the protagonist. You then receive messages for them which you can open and read. There are also multimedia messages such as video, audio, and photos. The messages also arrive in real-time, and this can continue over a number of days, thus engaging you in the story.

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