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Interview with Susan and Dr. Don Verhulst Co-owners of TréSkin

Disclaimer: Nicci Orozco has been a TréSkinRX founding brand partner since 2019. As a TréSkinRX business owner, any purchases you make using the links provided in this interview will be truly appreciated as it allows her to earn a commission to support her family.

Finding plant-based, paraben, and gluten-free skin care products are no easy task. Here to chat with us about a few of their skin care and body wellness products are the co-owners of TréSkin

Finding natural skincare you can trust is difficult. As a mom entrepreneur, it’s equally difficult to find quality brand consultant opportunities that feature products you can feel passionate about. Fortunately, TréSkinRx solves both of those dilemmas

TréSkinRX combines advanced science with nature to provide skin solutions that make sense. Here to chat with us some more about their products and business opportunity are the co-owners of TréSkinRX, Susan, and Dr. Don Verhulst in this exclusive Mompreneur Media interview.

Interview with Dr. Don and Susan Verhulst

Welcome to Mompreneur Media, Susan, and Dr. Don Verhulst. A sincere thank you for sharing with us!

Tell us a little about about TréSkin?

TréSkin is a Skin Care and Body Wellness company dedicated to helping you live your VERY HEALTHIEST LIFE!

What makes your skin care so different and actually better, as far as results go?

The number one ingredient in our skin care is Organic medical-grade aloe vera. Almost all other skin care is formulated with water. This makes a HUGE difference because aloe is therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial… and penetrates the skin and water does not. TréSkin is also balanced with probiotics. It also contains fruit stem cells and clinically studied collagen peptides. It truly is the best of science and nature!

For someone who may be struggling with acne, it can be completely overwhelming to know where to start. What’s your advice, especially for someone who has been struggling with dermatologist recommendations?

Start with our Clear Skin Pack. It has everything you need to help combat acne, soothe the skin, and improve your skin texture.

Clear Skin Pack Organic Aloe Skin Care by TréSkin

TréSkin offers supplements too.  How do they help with healthy skin in conjunction with the skin care line?

Yes, we have AMAZING supplements that are both bio-available and bio-active. That simply means they get into the body and do the job at the cellular level. Healthy skin begins from the inside out. It is vital to supply the body with the many vitamins and minerals it takes to replenish the skin.

Talk about your new supplement that is a triple threat to excess body fat, how does it work?”  Why is is so effective?

Our new supplement, TreSkinny works in 3 ways. First of all, it is plant-based support for metabolism, which is the rate at which you burn calories. Secondly, it blocks some of the carbs from being broken down so they do not get into the body or count as calories. The third function of the TreSkinny is to absorb some of the fat from food. So we have support for metabolism, carb blocking, and fat-fighting. Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

Tell us about Total Greens. Why is this something everyone should consider taking every day?

The Total Greens contains SEVEN healing blends. It starts with a powerful Greens blend, energy, detox, alkalizing, probiotic, food enzyme, and immune fortification blends. Greens harvest the energy of the sun. Total Greens help keep the body in a healthy pH balanced state. Our Total Greens do not contain fiber fillers, therefore it has no grit….and you’ll love the taste!

The Verhulst Family

Do to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  many of our systems are changing including where, when,  and how we work.  Tell us about the business side of TréSkin and how it may provide a solution to some of our current income needs.

TréSkin includes a great ground floor opportunity to work from home and earn residual income! We pay weekly and monthly and have no monthly fees. We are a company with integrity and believe in the Golden Rule. We have a great culture and over 6 ways to earn money by sharing wonderful, foundational products.

Getting started as a TréSkinRX Brand Partner is easy. Join today and start earning commissions while promoting your new favorite products.

Last but not least, what is one thing you both enjoy doing in your spare time?

Music, exercise, cooking, and hanging with our four almost adult children!

Prior to founding TréSkinRX alongside Susan Verhulst, Dr. Don Verhulst was a top formulator for ItWorks! He spent 13 years helping formulate some of the top-selling products for the company, taking them from $100 million in sales to just under $800 million in sales.

Similarly, Dr. Verhulst believes in TréSkin’s plant-based, paraben, and gluten-free skin care because it works. Even better, TréSkinRX doesn’t test on animals and is made in the USA.

Interview with Susan and Dr. Don Verhulst Co-owners of TréSkin appeared first on Mompreneur Media

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