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Squeezing More Value Out of Your Mobile App Users

Here are a few strategies for driving post-install engagement and making the most of your mobile user base…

Successfully monetizing your mobile app is a matter of providing an intuitive, glitch-free experience for people who install and use it. But it’s far from the only factor affecting whether or not people will engage in certain actions that drive revenue. Effective mobile app marketing is also a make-or-break factor. Two apps, both with a great core user experience, can have very different outcomes based on which strategies marketers use to acquire and retain users.

The fact is that less than two percent of app installers turn into buyers. Many people install free apps and continue to use them without making in-app purchases or subscribing to premium features. A large percentage of users will disengage over time, either going dormant or deleting the app altogether.

Squeezing more value out of your mobile app users is an ongoing challenge, but one that’s important for finding success in today’s marketplace. Here are a few strategies for driving post-install engagement and making the most of your mobile user base.

Target Users Most Likely to Engage

Optimizing your monetization strategy begins well before installation. You will see better results if you acquire the users most likely to engage. Attracting high-value users is a matter of knowing who to target: people who share demographic and behavioral characteristics with your most active users. Targeting the right demographic using Facebook playable ads could be the key to attracting more app installs.

Marketing to a “lookalike” audience has another benefit besides allowing you to aim your acquisition efforts at people who are likelier to engage meaningfully with your app. You’ll also be able to streamline your ad spend, getting the best return on investment. This is especially true if you run cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns. CPA advertising means you only pay when installers take certain actions, like subscribing or making in-app purchases.

Use Special Offers to Convert Non-Payers

Many apps today operate using a “freemium” model. But monetizing a free-to-install app depends heavily on in-app purchasing. What are you doing to convince people who’ve installed your app to take the next step, like buying something or subscribing?

Getting people to take actions that drive revenue is often a matter of upselling them. That is, while users may not initially take these actions on their own, savvy marketing can help convince them to do so. 

Consider the best tactic to get a gaming app user to make their first in-app purchase. They’ve been enjoying the free version of your app enough to use it, but there’s a distinct opportunity to entice them to buy something—like additional lives, items or coins. Now it’s time to consider the best strategy for getting them to make the leap to paid user.

What are they most likely to buy? Showing them an ad for a large, pricey content bundle could easily be overwhelming. A better tactic is to offer them a discount on a small initial purchase or offer them twice reward for the price of one item. The lesson here is to tailor your upselling efforts to the users viewing them. Start small, then work your way up.

Remind Users to Keep Re-Engaging

Re-engaging lapsed users is just as important as acquiring new ones, if not more so. People are busy and distractible. Reminding them to open your app and pick up where they left off can be the catalyst they need to take valuable post-install actions. A well-rounded reengagement strategy typically includes both retargeting ads and push notifications.

Squeezing More Value Out of Your Mobile App Users

Glean User Journey Insights

Statistically, most people who download your app will not go on to make a purchase. But every user has value because they provide data that can help you refine your user experience and marketing efforts. Use analytics to understand every step of app users’ journey so you can improve it and reach them when it counts.

Optimizing your acquisition and retention marketing strategies will help you squeeze more value out of your mobile app users.

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