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5 Personal Branding To-Dos to Cross Off Your List This Month

A strong personal brand is often the foundation of a successful career. Here are 5 personal branding tasks to cross off your list this month.

You’re busy, no doubt about it. Juggling your personal life, your career, whatever else you’ve got going on — it’s overwhelming. Managing your personal brand, whatever that means, probably feels like a secondary concern at best. Maybe more like tertiary.

5 Personal Branding To-Dos to Cross Off Your List This Month

Unfortunately, your personal brand doesn’t feel the same way. Like you, it wants to be the best it can be. And you want that too, whether you know it right now or not. A strong personal brand is very often the foundation of a successful career. Or one that’s more successful than the status quo, if you already consider yourself a big deal.

Enough prelude. Let’s get down to business: five personal branding tasks to cross off your to-do list this month.

1. Create a Social Media Scheduling Account

Still sending social media posts manually? Clawback your valuable time with a social media scheduling tool. For ideas, check out Blogging Wizard’s list of the best social media scheduling software

Using Social Media More Powerfully

2. Create an Everybodywiki Profile

Not everyone qualifies for a Wikipedia feature, and that’s okay. Everybodywiki is the next best thing — and, truth be told, it’s no compromise. Get inspiration from existing content on this high-visibility platform, like this Everybodywiki page for Daniella Rand

3. Connect With 10 Influencers on LinkedIn

Commence your search for influencers on LinkedIn today, giving priority  to high-visibility experts in your industry. Because you can’t control what these influencers do and you can be sure that they get a lot of connection requests, you’ll need to reach out to more than 10. Don’t get discouraged by ignored or rejected requests, though. Keep your targets realistic and you’ll reach that goal.

4. Ask for Recommendations From Four Former or Current Colleagues

Sticking with LinkedIn for a moment — when was the last time you asked a current or former colleague for a ringing endorsement? Time to swallow your pride and do just that, using LinkedIn’s built-in recommendations feature. No matter what the future brings, you’ll be glad to have these feathers in your cap.

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5. Get Constructive Criticism on Your Personal Website From Three Friends or Relatives

When was the last time you worked on your personal website? As in, really, seriously worked on your personal website?

Likelier than not, it has been a while. This means your personal website might not have all the essential elements it needs to qualify as first-rate. 

The solution? Shop said website around to at least three friends and relatives, preferably ones with an eye for web design and a penchant for editorial commentary. Ask them for constructive feedback and take it to heart. Then, get to work implementing their best suggestions.

What’s on Your Personal Branding To-Do List Right Now?

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Are any of these items on your personal branding to-do list? Unless you’ve been keeping on top of your personal brand better than the next person, the answer is almost certainly “yes.”

No shame in that; better late than never. Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to get it done. Here’s to a shorter to-do list and a stronger personal brand.

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