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Why Your Home Office Needs a Private Branch Exchange

If you work remotely, a Private Branch Exchange service will have calls from customers redirected for you and give you a more professional face.

Being a working parent is difficult, which is why many today should consider the benefits of working from home. Managing your own company from your home office, however, will require some investment. Thankfully, there are many budget-friendly ways to take advantage of enterprise-level services for minimum cost.


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One such service is PBX, or Private Branch Exchange. Private Branch Exchange services are perfect for mompreneurs who want to take advantage of call routing. A  Smart Choice system can direct  your customers to you. If you work remotely, this can mean getting calls from customers redirected to your home or cell phone. This will give your business a more professional face.


How PBX Can Help Your Home Office

PBX is necessary for all businesses, even those that occur right at home. Just remember to have a neat and organized home office so that when calls do get directed to you, you can offer great customer service without extra wait times while you look for information. Once you can provide that great service, consider investing in a PBX service, as it:

One of the best advantages of having a PBX service from is that you can make cheap calls around the world. There are so many features that will benefit you. From call waiting, to custom on hold music, to even call recording if needs be. The service is backed by a cloud based IaaS system.Y ou can keep all information on the cloud and available whenever you need it. 

Give the local touch by calling from local numbers directly to your demographic. This way you can operate remotely and locally simultaneously. Your clients will enjoy free or very affordable calls. Dealing with international clients will be a very cost-effective solution for you.

Why Your Home Office Needs a Private Branch Exchange

Benefit from a Smart Choice System

A Smart Choice system allows customers to select departments and purpose before they ever get to a person – you. Even if you are working from home, you can still benefit from this. Perhaps you work as a sales rep for a company; you will only get calls pertaining to sales. Or perhaps someone needs an update on their shipment; you can send them to your shipping provider who can help them more effectively. This will improve your efficiency, customer service, and most importantly give you the appearance of a larger, more resource-heavy company.



Working from home is far from easy. You need to set yourself up and manage yourself like an entire business. If you don’t, then you will likely find yourself working overtime and missing out on being a great mom. In this example, there is no benefit to working from home as opposed to in an office. Improve your home operations, however, and you can be a success in both your work and your home life.


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