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Top Business Apps That Lower Distractions and Raise Productivity

Business Solutions at Your Fingertips: Top Apps That Lower Distractions and Raise Productivity


Apps are commonplace these days and you can find an app for almost anything, including some useful business solutions, such as ways to help lower distractions in the workplace and raise productivity.

There are many simple as well as complex solutions to basic business management requirements and when it comes to distractions for example, a computer keyboard that is the quietest around, is just one solution that is available.

Here is a look at some apps that might offer your business a way to up the productivity rate.

Never miss another smart idea

Many of us like to doodle and write things down as ideas come into our heads. In fact some of the best business ideas have started out life on a scrap of paper, so it makes sense to find a way of taking that way of thinking into the digital age.

Smart pens are a no-brainer tech solution, simply because they don’t require you to do anything different, but every time you write down your ideas and workings, a gadget like the Equil Smartpen for example, can be synchronized with Dropbox and Evernote, amongst others, meaning that what you write down, is then converted into editable text that you can then work with later.

Productivity is instantly improved simply by picking up a smartpen, and then writing in the normal way.

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Getting the expenses right

Many business people don’t exactly relish the prospects of sitting down and working out their travel expenses, which is why an app such as Expensify might provide a viable solution.

This app helps you to get rid of all that cumbersome paperwork, as you take photos of your receipts and can then throw them away once you have a digital record of your traveling expenses.

There are a number of different apps around which offer a number of useful features. Expensify for example, will automatically scan the image and then fill out all of the details, allowing you to generate an expenses report in a matter of seconds.


Top Apps That Lower Distractions and Raise Productivity


Meetings made easier

Most business days will consist of a series of meetings, either internal or meeting with customers and contacts, but all of that takes up valuable time, especially if you are constantly having to travel for a meeting.

The GoToMeeting app has been designed to cut down or even eliminate traveling time, by allowing you to make the most of your time by allowing you the chance to create or join a meeting, wherever in the world that happens to be.

If you want to increase productivity and spend less time on the road, an app like GoToMeeting will help you to achieve that aim.


Professional presentation anywhere

If you are meeting someone face-to-face and need to set up a professional presentation without worrying about carrying a projector and all of the other usual equipment around with you, a portable projector that you can fit in your hand could be a good solution.

One example of the technology that is now available would be the iGo portable projector.

With a battery life of about 90 minutes and a 70-inch projector size, your customers will be equally as impressed with your presentation skills as what you have to offer to them.

When you look at the apps and technology at your disposal, there are plenty of business solutions at your fingertips.

Jacob Woodward couldn’t run his location independent business without technology. He shares his must-have apps and tech tips with other business owners.


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