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4 Important Security Tips For Businesses With Remote Workers

4 Important Security Tips For Businesses With Remote Workers

One of the biggest problems businesses face when using remote workers is online security.

Remote working is becoming a lot more common in business because it has a lot of benefits. Employees feel that they work more productively and they are happier when they can decide their own hours. Businesses benefit from the increase in productivity and they can also save money on because they don’t need as much office space. However, it’s not all good news when it comes to remote working and there are some big downsides. Communication can be a big problem and some remote workers find it difficult to motivate themselves. However, the biggest problem that businesses face when using remote workers has to be online security

Cyber-attacks are a looming threat for all businesses and if criminals manage to steal sensitive information. It can have devastating effects on the business. In the office, you have complete control over who is accessing what documents and you can take steps to protect all of your devices. But when you have employees working from home, using their own laptops, you lose a lot of that control. When those employees are accessing sensitive company documents, that’s a big problem for you. The risk of data loss is greatly increased. The good news is, there are a few simple things that you can do to protect yourself. These are some of the best ways to boost security when you’re using remote workers. 

Provide Security Software 

It’s not enough to just tell your employees that they need to protect their computer. They may think that the default firewall on their laptop is enough, which it isn’t if the computer is being used for business purposes. You’ll want to be completely sure that their devices are protected properly. You’ll need to provide that security software yourself. Have them bring their computer in so your IT team can install the right security software for them. Employees should also bring their computers in on a regular basis so the software can be updated as needed. Having the computer checked over by the IT team to make sure that there aren’t any problems is recommended too. You can’t leave anything to chance here because a data breach could mean the end of your business. 

Mobile Device Management Software 

It’s important that you still have some control over what devices people are using. Be aware of which documents that people are accessing. Have a clear picture of exactly who is accessing what information. It’s easy for accidental data loss to occur. It’s important that you learn how mobile device management works . Learn how to implement it in your business if you’re using remote workers. Even though people are using their own devices, you can still manage things like encryption and wipe a device. So you give yourself an added layer of protection. It also means that you can keep track of all of the devices that are being used for work. If data is lost accidentally, it’s easier to find the source of that loss. 

Avoid Public Wifi 

If employees are working remotely, they might get fed up with working at home. They may decide that they want a change of scenery. That’s great, but they need to be careful with public wifi networks. When you’re connected to a public wifi network, it’s incredibly easy for cyber-criminals to gain access to your computer. Even if you’re using a VPN for an added layer of protection, the time it takes you to load up your computer and log into the VPN is enough for a hacker to gain access to your computer. He can start removing data. As a general rule, your employees should never use a public wifi network on a computer that has work documents on it. It’s just isn’t safe. 

Safe Data Storage 

Remote workers need access to a lot of relevant documents, so you need some kind of cloud storage system. If you don’t have a storage system that everybody can access, productivity will suffer. However, it’s so important that you make sure that your storage is safe. Some businesses are starting to move toward blockchain technology storage systems. There is not a single point of access, which means that they’re a lot safer. If using a standard cloud storage system, make sure that you find a service that prioritizes security. 

Remote workers can benefit your business in a lot of ways. It’s important to make sure that you’re putting enough time into your online security.

4 Important Security Tips For Businesses With Remote Workers

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