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How To Stay Healthy In The Office

Useful ways you can stay healthy in the office

There are lots of dangerous jobs that you can take, but working in an office isn’t usually one of them. At least, we assume it’s not. However, there are dangers that come with office work too. Working in close proximity to other people, for example, can mean that you pick up sicknesses more easily. Plus, if you are sitting down all day that’s not good for your health. Here are some useful ways you can stay healthy in the office, and make your job a safer one.

Move Around 

One of the worst aspects of working in an office is the fact that you’ll be sitting at a desk for many hours at a time. This can cause mobility problems since your back, neck, and other joints can become stiff through lack of use. It can also raise the potential for blood clots, as you are not exercising. 

The ensure that you become healthier try to get up and move around more. You don’t have to do it a lot – a walk around the office every 30 minutes or so can make all the difference. It will also help if you can walk to work (increasing your exercise in the day) and if you can use a standing desk or a desk that can be adjusted and you can choose to sit or stand. 

Keep The Office Clean 

Think about what happens in your office. People will be tracking dirty shoes through there, dropping trash, eating at their desks, and generally being busy and not taking the time to clean up after themselves properly. This can cause all kinds of problems, including increasing the chances of catching colds, the flu, and other bugs, which all cause issues with your immune system. Plus, a dirty office is bad for morale and will reduce productivity in many cases. 

Therefore, try to keep a clean office where possible. Give everyone a rota so that the office is cleaned regularly, and ensure that everyone has responsibility for keeping their own desks and the area around it tidy. If this is too big a job, consider hiring janitor services in the Chicago area to do the work for you. This will ensure your office is cleaned to a high standard, and that this standard, and therefore your health, is maintained. 

How To Stay Healthy In The Office

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Bring Your Own Lunch 

Something else that can often be problematic when you work in an office is food. It can be tempting to go out for lunch every day – after all, it is recommended that you leave your desk and go outside. However, although every now and then it is fine to have lunch out, if it happens more often, even every day, then it can be bad for you. 

It is far healthier (and less expensive) to bring food from home. You know exactly what is in it, and you can ensure that you are eating healthily. Remember, however, not to eat at your desk. Go outside or to the break room if there is one instead. Eating at your desk is unhygienic and bad for your health. 

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